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Client reccommendation:

Neena is so down to earth and approachable, she has helped me restore my health and to make the changes needed to maintain that health. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I would highly recommend her service.

D. P

Client reccommendation:

Neena is an exceptionally gifted, knowledgeable, and powerful kinesiologist along with being a very kind, friendly and professional lady. She has helped me immeasurably over the past 18 months and I am very grateful to her for all her help and support. Due to distance I have only ever had sessions over the phone which I don’t think has hindered the effectiveness of the sessions at all, if anything it was been a blessing as Neena has been flexible with session times fitting around my 2 young children and 2 jobs! Thank you so much Neena.

Mrs P, UK

BSc (Hons), HGDipP, MHGI

Client Reccommendation:

I truly believe that Neena is exceptionally gifted as a practitioner...She fearlessly holds space for me with great humour, wisdom & healing intent. I would recommend her with absolute confidence & great pleasure.

Mrs H, Devon 

Typically an appointment is for one hour. You remain clothed and you lie on a couch. You can be seated if its too uncomfortable to lie down. You may feel changes with in the session and directly after. The first appointment is slightly longer, to gather medical information etc.

The appointment starts with you discussing the reasons for having a Kinesiology appointment, from there we work through the issues brought up, using the muscle testing as a guide, with which we can also ask the body what is needed to balance, or heal at that point. 

It's recommended to drink water after your session and to take it easy or completely rest if needed, to allow the work to integrate. 

Depending on what you are looking at you should feel lighter, happier, cope better and health issues should become more manageable. 


Price per appointment is £55 for 1 hour. There is a £25 charge for any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. I also offer allergy testing for £30 for half hour, cancellation fee is £15. I accept payment in cash, cheque or BACS. 


I have a Facebook page Creative Kinesiology @neenabeeharry, (you can also access the page by clicking the Creative Kinesiology link on the right of this page) also Neena Beeharry Kinesiology which has studies and helpful hints, there are studies, helpful hints and recent news about what I'm doing. 

Private Policy: 

Personal information such as personal details, physical and mental health, family and lifestyle background are gathered for the purpose of the consultation only. This is manually taken and kept securely. Only your email maybe kept electronically. All records are kept for 7 years after the last appointment. This information is not shared with anyone else.